The Accidental Show Dog - Keep Off The Grass?

Now that Snoopy had patiently been fluffed as much as a dog could be fluffed it was time to go into the ring. Luckily Jean's friend Leroy had collected my number that I apparently needed to wear on my left sleeve.

I was trying to watch the round before us to see what they were doing, but I was also trying to stop Snoopy from lying on the grass. At class it's indoors so this isn't a problem. Here there were leaves all over the floor so Snoopy kept getting them on his coat, Eric was standing perfectly!
Now I knew why Jean had brought a comb to the ringside, we didn't even own a comb for Snoopy, he just had his brush and it hadn't occurred to me to bring it here, not that I had any pockets to put it in anyway, Jean kindly lent us hers.

When it was our turn Jean went into the ring and I wasn't sure if I should follow or not, the judge signalled for Snoopy and I to go in and I explained it was our first time so I wasn't sure what to do, she was very nice.

I think Snoopy thought he was at the park as it was on grass and he just wanted to play. All those perfect stands he'd done at class were nowhere to be seen, he even lay down at one point in the ring.

On top of that I went too fast around the ring and Snoopy got all excited. The buttons on my sweater were also fascinating to him and he even tried to jump up to get them, I guess I had got the wardrobe choice wrong after all.

Despite everything that went wrong, Snoopy had a great time and his tail was wagging away. He got a second place ribbon, we won't mention it was only him and Eric in the puppy class :)

Eric giving Snoopy some tips
as this was Eric's second show!
 He's a pro! :)
Snoopy also had a lot of fun hanging out with his brother Eric, sister April and mum Snickers. It was great to see them again and to see how similar Eric and Snoopy looked.

We clearly weren't going to be naturals in the show ring, but we had fun and we will try another few shows before we decide if this is something we want to do regularly. Either way, Snoopy is a champion and we are so thankful he's in our lives, whether he has the ribbons to prove it or not! :)

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