Let’s Doga!

Yoga that you and your dog can do together?

Yoga means “to join or union”. In Doga you get to bond and join hearts with your dog. Think about it. The same stress you feel is probably the same stress your trusty furry friend feels at times. Dogs can suffer from Separation Anxiety every time you leave them home to go off to work. Dogs have no sense of time but they know that something is missing and that is you.

Dax Starts To Pose
What Form!
Is That A Cobra Pose?

We are in a time where dogs are carried around in purses. This demonstrates that we want to be close to our canine companions. Why not have a human and dog class to benefit both dog owner and doggy? Doga has become very popular the last couple of years. Some yoga studios are offering the classes on a regular basis or even as special events. Your dog may not be a contortionist but they can come along with you to a pet friendly yoga class allowing your dog to join in. They can be shown and helped into the simpler poses such as the cobra pose or even an up dog or a down dog pose.

Your dog may teach you more yoga than the yoga teacher. Animals instinctively practice yoga...
we just never really pay attention.

Jake Meditates
Have you ever watched your dog stretch? Those are yoga poses! Have you ever watched your dog pant to cool him/herself off? That’s a yoga breath. Have you ever watched your dog stare out the window in a glazed-over look? That’s doggy meditation. Doga can seem like a not-so-serious and unconventional yoga class but it is very beneficial for owner and doggy. Doga lets you have your dog on your yoga mat with you or to the side of you. Doing yoga with your dog connects you to your dog, creating a mutual feeling of love and affection for each other. Serotonin levels rise, causing great happiness for both of you. Not only are you making each other happy, you are able to spend quality time together.

Strong bonds are encouraged.
Your connection to your pet grows.

Jake Touches My Paw
Dogs are able to de-stress and they become better listeners obeying their owner and having a feeling of contentment. Doga can help improve your dog's visits to the vet and your groomer. Why? Because your dog is being massaged throughout the Doga class letting your pet become aware that petting is wonderful and thus making him/her want more affection from others as well as yourself. Touching paws in Doga is encouraged so that your dog gets a sense of connection through their active legs and this also helps when clipping their nails.

Older dogs benefit from Doga as well. As a dog gets older their joints start to give way and age. Doga lets the dog owner massage these areas and petting the dog also helps ease and sooth an older dogs aliments. This strong companionship we build with our pets helps our human brains feel ease. Stress levels can be decreased. Most dogs and cats love to be around people. Humans are uniting and being comforted by their pets in Doga classes. You are getting to do yoga and relaxing through the stretches and your pet is happy loving you.

Your dog will never tell you that your pose is wrong or even criticize the way you are in your down dog but they will love you unconditionally...forever.

"My goal in life is to be as good a person that my dog already thinks I am." ~Author of Quote Unknown

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