The Accidental Show Dog - What To Wear?

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to welcome you back to the next installment of "The Accidental Show Dog".

Show day was fast approaching, we really weren't ready, even though the instructor at class had gone into overdrive in coaching me.  Now she knew we had a show coming up. I guess this was a clear message to me that Snoopy was doing fine, it was me who still needed to do some more work :)
I'd managed to get Snoopy to stop biting the instructor and he was pretty good at standing properly. I'd achieved this by accident. When we went for our walks, some prickly things from the trees had been falling for weeks and getting flicked up onto Snoopy's coat as he walked by. He hates anything on his coat and flings himself to the floor as soon as he feels them. I would make him stand and stay while I checked his coat for the offending prickly bit and I finished by making him show me his teeth. It happened so often he just got used to it, phew!

Another challenge for the show was what to wear? Not Snoopy...but for me.  I'd discovered that jeans weren't going to cut it and you had to dress really smart.  You also had to wear flat shoes so you wouldn't fall over. So many things to focus on.

Snoopy being fluffed up!
When it came to ensuring Snoopy looked the part, I had no clue what to do beyond his regular bath and brushing routine, which I'd been told wasn't enough. Luckily Jean came to the rescue and told us she'd help us once we got there. The night before the show Mark and I gave Snoopy his bath so at least he smelled good!

On the morning of the show it was an early start on the road. Snoopy was happy though as he got an early breakfast.  I was to nervous and to busy for breakfast. I knew Snoopy could do it, I was just worried that I would mess it up.  There was so much to remember all at once. This was supposed to be fun, but when I realised Snoopy was against Eric, his brother, my competitive side came out.  I really am my own worst enemy!

Two hours later we'd arrived. Well I assumed we were at the right place when I saw the licence plates of the cars that were parked next to us! :)

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