Rats: From misunderstood rodents to heroes, artsy inspiration and beyond

By Elizah Leigh @ This Dish Is Vegetarian

Okay...so you're just minding your own business, briskly walking to work in the AM after getting off the subway when -- out of nowhere -- an urban rat darts across the pavement, nearly missing the tip of your shoe. What's your first reaction? Do you:
  • Leap a few feet into the air?
  • Grab onto the closest tree trunk?
  • Shriek like a little school girl?
  • Thrust your foot upward in a lame attempt to send the now-long-gone rat careening through the air like a football?
For some, perhaps the correct answer is "all the above" and yet what we tend to forget about the whiskered, turbo-chomping rodents is that they aren't the vile creatures that we mistakenly presume them to be.  Read On!

Reposted w/ permission
from original posting of 12/07/10
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