I TOOOLD You Rats Could Be Cute!

Just ask the eight contestants in The Agile Rat monthly Fancy Pet Rat Photo Contest. Rodent contestants strike a pose for your vote.  The monthly winners are awarded beautiful, tailor-made costumes.  So if the thought of rats as pets make you a bit squeamish, I guarantee these cute contestants will change your mind.  You'll want to cast your vote for the Fancy Pet Rat Photo Contest.  You can cast one vote per day.

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Amanda Tempel said...

My Rat is in this contest! :)

-Amanda T

PawPurrry said...

Hi Amanda,

I hope that your rat is doing well in the contest. You need to keep tweeting! : )

You should probably also include a twitpic with those tweets so that voters know who they are voting for: )

Culinary Burgers said...

I enjoyed readingg this