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I recently received an offer from MrChewy.com – an online pet food retailer.  They offered a promo code worth $50, and no other compensation, in exchange for an unbiased review of my customer service experience in ordering from Mr. Chewy.  Anyone who knows me knows that this can be a loaded request.  Why?  Because as a customer service professional, I have always strived to provide the utmost impressive customer service – white glove service regardless of the industry or product – therefore I have a high expectation of excellent customer service.  This can make me a customer service challenge under the right, or rather wrong conditions.  So, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

My pack – Suede, Ellwood & Jake - has varying tastes and Suede, my “big mama”, has issues with her bowels.  So trying to satisfy the varying tastes and balancing that with their needs becomes a challenge.  Additionally, none of the pups will think twice about eating garbage off of the street but if I try and give them treats, they will scrutinize them and in many cases will actually shun the treats.  Go figure!

MrChewy.com offered quite a wonderful selection of foods & treats.  I decided to purchase a large bag of Diamond Naturals Senior 8+ Formula Dry Dog Food and 2 bags of Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain Free Salmon with Sweet Potato Dog Treats.  I have to say I was impressed, because I swear that I blinked only once and the shipment arrived.  I actually think it was like 2 days.  I was thrilled at the expedience of the shipment especially since they clearly delivered on their promise.  At this point I had nothing to complain about.  Then the next day the news hit about a huge recall of dog foods.  When I logged on to my computer, lo and behold, MrChewy.com was literally thee first of the many petfood retailers I have ordered from, to actually send out detailed information on the petfood recall.  It was so detailed it was specifically about the food I had purchased.  They didn’t make me look for the information, they simply sent it to me.

Next time you’re ready to buy your pet any food, checkout MrChewy.com first.  It will be worth your time and your pocket.
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