Balls To The Walls?

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Not anymore!  If you are like me, you understand the importance of spaying & neutering your dogs. Mainly to control pet populations, but also because not doing so can subject our beloved pets to potentially life threatening conditions such as Pyometra.

Admittedly, of course, I have been resistant to getting The Blues Brothers - Jake & Ellwood - neutered because of so many general concerns related to the surgery.  This is not an endorsement for NOT neutering, but simply considerations that all pet owners should understand, given that neutering is surgery that requires anesthesia.

Now, thanks to Ark Sciences, there is a new NON-surgical alternative to neutering for our dogs.  It is called Esterilsol, the world's first FDA approved chemical sterilant.  Esterilsol is a compound of Zinc Gluconate with L-Arginine.  When injected into each testicle, it sterilizes the animal.
  • It's less invasive than surgery
  • Quicker recovery time with less discomfort to the animal
  • Less expensive
  • And so far, is covered by at least one pet insurer.
If you are considering having your dogs neutered, know that you have an alternative which you can discuss with your vet.  If you need to find a vet who administers Esterilsol or are a vet that would like to administer Esterilsol, please contact Ark Sciences directly.

I know I am glad to have this alternative available.  
What are your thoughts?
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