The West Paw Design Hurley Dog Toy

When I think about toys for my Pit mix - Suede - I think of that commercial with the owl for the Tootsie Pop.  "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?".

Why?  Because that is approximately the same number of chews it takes Suede to get through just about any toy that I buy for her.

West Paw Design Hurley
One day I was Tweeting away and shared with my community that I was having trouble finding a great toy for Suede that would hold up to her jaws.  I went through the entire list of toys I had tried.  I even tried one really popular one that is specifically designed to stand up to the strength of an aggressive chewer.  It sure did stand up to her chomp...because she didn't like it. She looked at it like it was garbage and walked away.

Then, out of the Twittosphere came the "voice" of Chris Wagner - CEO of Waggy's Eco Pet Products.  She recommended a particular product - The Hurley Dog Toy - provided a link and I went.  I looked at the Hurley Dog Toy which is made out of a durable & buoyant material called Zogoflex.  Buoyant too?  Oh wow!  Hope floats! be honest, I really didn't think much of it.  There was no way this could stand up to her chompers so I couldn't care less if the toy floats.  But as I read the description, the price was right AND I noticed the one-time only guarantee that "We promise to replace The Hurley if it can’t withstand your dog’s chewing".  I figured, what did I have to lose? Nothing.  So I placed my order for the large in "tangerine" - because I love that color - and I waited.

Suede enjoys her Hurley
She REALLY enjoys it!

When it arrived, I was still skeptical.  I still wasn't sure that Suede would be interested in the toy...and then, even if she was interested, I wasn't convinced it would stand up to her.  Well, the first hurdle was overcome.  I gave it to Suede, and she liked it a lot.  It took weeks, before she was able to break away even a small piece and yet this toy is extremely flexible and soft.  So the second hurdle was overcome.  I was elated. The toy lasted for months.  OH!  And it floats too!  Now I cared.  As Suede enjoyed her toy, I proceeded to collect the pieces in a zip lock... you'll find out why later on.

Ellwood & Jake

Customer Service

Eventually it was time to get her a new one.  In the time she had the first one, I also noted that my two little 8 pounders - Ellwood & Jake - enjoyed this toy too, so I decided to buy two small ones for each of them.  When I placed my order for 1 large and 2 small Hurleys, within a day of placing the order, I received an email from Waggy's confirming that I had purchased the correct sizes because they had noted my previous order did not include any small sizes.  When I confirmed that the order was correct, and explained to them that I had two smaller dogs, they also informed me that I needed to be cautious because they did not want Suede to get a hold of the smaller ones and choke. HOW NICE WAS THAT?  Now that is what I call "Customer Service"!

Well the joke ended up being on me anyway, because when they all arrived, Ellwood & Jake had no interest in the small Hurleys.  They continued to "steal" the big one right from Suede's mouth.  Go figure! are the pros of my purchases

  • A product that stands up the way they described.
  • Liberal guarantee by the manufacturer if it does not.
  • All my dogs LOVE The Hurley
  • There are also a variety of other West Paw Designs to check out.
  • EXCELLENT customer service provided by Waggy's
  • Oh yes...and the reason I collect the pieces? Because the material is recyclable so the product is eco-friendly.

Who could ask for anything more?

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