Some Dogs Really Love Their Snow!

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The Northeast has been experiencing some snow...well...not just "some" but quite a bit actually - a storm a week since Christmas.  Many folks have complained despite the fact that we really have been lucky to not have a winter like this one in quite some time.  I received an email today with photos of Winter in Russia and this photo just amazed me.  I love the snow...and I think this dog does too!  In fact I haven't met a dog yet that didn't like snow.  We could learn a thing or two from our pups!

Suede enjoys a walk .
Suede enjoys a dip in the pool!


Unknown said...

Wow, awesome picture! Ellie is not quite sure what to make of the snow. She doesn't really like getting stuff on her paws :)

Pup Fan said...

Wow... that jumping photo is awesome!

Crystal M. Canole said...

Love the photo! That dogs crazy:) I am glad I do not have that much snow! Looks like its almost to the roof!