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Snoopy & Annette Vivian
Snoopy's Dog Blog
I would like to welcome a new addition to the PawPurrry Family.  Annette Vivian is the human companion to Snoopy of Snoopy's Dog Blog.  Snoopy is a Bearded Collie with really beautiful eyes.  Snoopy is training to be a Therapy Dog as well as a Show Dog.  Snoopy's Dog Blog follows him on his adventures along the way.  We always hear ABOUT his "Mum" but we don't get to hear to much FROM his "Mum".

I was very impressed that Snoopy is studying to be a Therapy Dog.  I think that is such an important and noble career path.  While I do follow this blog daily, somehow the "show dog" aspect escaped me.  I attribute this to selective cognition since, my personal feelings about the dog show circuit are a little less than favorable.  So when it finally dawned on me that Snoopy was also training to be a show dog I was curious because his "Mum" completely shattered my perception of handlers.  When I spoke with Annette, I confessed my "dirty" little secret...Whew!  She handled it really well...and stayed my friend : )  Then I asked her to enlighten me about how someone decides to be a dog show participant.  The story was incredibly cute but also intriguing.  I invite you all to follow Snoopy's adventures with his "Mum" as Therapy Dog and Show Dog...FROM his Mum.

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Unknown said...

What a nice mention, I will check it out :) Snoopy is a great name for that dog!

Annette Vivian said...

Thanks Ellie for your comment about Snoopy's name - our son Cory came up with it as he's a huge Snoopy fan (just like me:), but I think it really suits him :)