Comb Please!

Ellwood Blues
Wakes up with bed head!


Snoopy and Annette said...

Ellwood, I love that look, it's really cute, I'm sure you will get anything you want looking like that today, my advice...... don't let mum comb your hair!.....:)

Your pal,
Snoopy :)

Unknown said...

Lol that picture is great! I can see a thought bubble above his head, saying "huh?"

PawPurrry said...

Oh Snoopy....."Mum" never combs his hair...he doesn't like the grumbles whenever I try to primp...even when I I try to disguise it as "petting". He just KNOWS!

PawPurrry said...

Stacy & Ellie, what was so funny is that is exactly what he said when he woke up to the camera in his face.