NOOOOO!!! I Don't Want To!!!

This is really funny especially since one of the toughest dogs I ever had to groom was a Chow Chow.  You can't help but crack up at this video though!  People tell me that I don't know what it's like to have kids?  I tell them, they don't know what it's like to have a dog...other than you see a difference?  Resistance is resistance....and it is clearly futile.


Snoopydog said...

haha, love it, that looks like some workout for the owner! :)

Laine D. said...

I'm with you on that one Rachel. There was an incident with a jar of peanut butter and a dremel!
Actually it involved children too...
My daughters weren't strong enough to hold our Dobe puppy for me to grind her nails (due to the nature of their nails most Dobe owners use a dremel) but Ziva went nuts.

Solution? Ziva loves my daughters and peanut butter (non sugary variety), spread PB on child, place Puppy on childs lap, let puppy lick childs leg while you work with dremel!
Taaa Daaaaa! Happy puppy, trimmed nails, puppy bonds more with kids 'a trifecta'.

Laine D.

PawPurrry said...

OMG! That is sooo incredibly clever. I am going to try something like that on Suede, the next time I have to clip her nails. She doesn't like it and fights me so much...although I can't's only 1 of 2 things that she "fights" me on....the other is being in my

thank you so much for the comment! : )

Diane said...

Put the camera down and help the poor woman. Oh but it is funny. Good thing this dog is too big to get under the refrigerator. That is were my cat would go to hide on nail clipping day.

PawPurrry said...

Hi Diane,

Thank you for your post. My two little dogs would not run, they willing go into the tub, get lathered up and wet and THEN the games begin....LOL....that's when they start to fight me. I try to reason with them "but we've come this far, if you just allow me to rinse you off...we will be good" but they can't be convinced. My Pit-girl on the other hand, a little more difficult to get into the tub, but once there she is all good...I can bathe her in like 15 mins.

Remi said...

LOL... This is too funny! oh my Gosh.. Thank you so much for posting this. This was too funny for words.
Resistance was very futile! lol..

Best Wishes, Remi
ps saw you on linked in and followed :-)

Crystal M. Canole said...

This is hilarious! My dog hates the bath also, but she runs lol. Once I catch her it's all over though.

Thanks for the laugh