Is There a Baggage Fee?

Wow!  People get craftier every day.  As reported by the WWF, a live tiger cub was found packed in the luggage of a Thai national.  It wouldn't have dawned on me to smuggle a tiger cub this way.  But then again, it wouldn't have ever dawned on me at all to smuggle an endangered animal of any type, let alone a tiger-cub.  I don't even like putting my 8lb Lhasa Apso in a doggy bag.

WWF - Update - Live tiger found in luggage
ITN News


Michelle Arbore said...

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PawPurrry said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for letting me know about the video. Not sure why it wasn't working but I have rectified the situation.

I appreciate your following my posts and I hope they entertain or educate in some way : ) I look forward to your comments also, especially if you can educate me as well : )